Want to Support Irish Creativity?

Want to Support Irish Creativity? 2018-02-21T13:36:51+00:00

The spread and generosity of the global Irish family can make a huge difference to an artist’s life and output.   Here’s where you can help make art happen.  And you have three ways of doing so.

Firstly, share their work with your network, wherever you live. Secondly, for €100/$100 become a patron of TheSpark and receive first sight or sound of all new works and any preview offers of artworks for sale, plus we’ll send you an original ‘Vowel Play’ series print by Gerry McCloskey, (see illustration section), as well as other invitations throughout the year.   Or, simply, make a one off donation to help us keep the lights on and the spark lit.

Whichever option you take, you’ll be a firestarter.

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