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Trumpet is a bite sized pamphlet with poetry, reviews, opinions and essays on poetry and the arts. are delighted to bring you, free to download, 5 backdated issues below.  The two poems featured here can be found in issue No 5.

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i.m. Alex Higgins

Patrick Moran
from Bearings (Salmon Poetry, 2015)

Even when he’d shrunken
to a waifish figure,
hustling for a pittance –

his shots wobbling in jaws,
his attempted snookers
no longer surely judged –

the glories of his prime
lurked in memory’s hold:
fugitive, stowaway …

There, in the arena’s
altar hush. Eyes defiant,
vodka-lit, he swaggers

towards the baize, impatient
to ram in the balls.
Disdaining caution,

he deploys spin and screw
and stun to keep a wavering
break alive: the testing brown;

a sweet cut on the blue;
that awkward pink rolled down
the table’s length. Leaving

the final sunken black;
his edgy gleam; the white
still on the speckless green.

Shirley McClure
from Stone Dress (Arlen House, 2015)

The reader who texted to say
she’d read the whole book at one sitting.

The reader who admitted
she only liked the sexy ones.

The man who simply said,
the thing is, my dad died too.

The reader who had lost a breast,
and was surprised to hear it spoken of.

The listener who confessed:
your work does nothing for me

on the page;
the listener who left.

The editor who emailed:
please send more.

The old friend who confides
at every public reading,

over the glass
of Lidl Chardonnay

God, I’m glad I never asked you out –
I’d hate to be in any of those poems.