Maggie O’Dwyer

Maggie O’Dwyer’s first poetry pamphlet, Yes, I’d Love to Dance (Templar Poetry) was followed by her first collection, Laughter Heard from the Road (Templar Poetry), shortlisted in 2010 for the Rupert and Eithne Strong award for Best First Collection.

She lives and works in Dublin where she teaches Creative Writing and works as a visual artist

The Wire Heart

The heart is something
I’m not sure of.
I made it long ago.
The face of a fox lies there,
his carved mouth red and open,
a tin frog from Mexico
and gift tags that say,
drink me, eat me.

This heart is crooked.
I pulled and stretched the wire.
I made it what it is.
I know an unexpected breeze
can shake it
and when the door is open
everything falls.

Copyright © Maggie O’Dwyer
From The Wire Heart by Maggie O’Dwyer,Templar Poetry