Oscar Mascarenas

A new work for piano conceived, devised and directed by Óscar Mascareñas in collaboration with dance artist Nora Rodríguez. The work was created as part of Mascareñas’ research at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick.

The central premise of FIGURES is based on the notion of ‘sound in the logic of movement’. In this series, Mascareñas explores the production of sonic material through the somatic experience of Rodríguez, something that he calls ‘choreosonography’, a concept that involves the physcalisation of sounds and the sounding of physicalities. The aim here is to transform somatic forces into sounds through an exploration of the relationship between the piano and the body resulting in a contrasting weave of sounds and movements, sometimes euphoric, sometimes delicate. In FIGURES sensation is the score, and the piano is not only seen and understood as a musical instrument, but also, and most importantly, as a space where the body moves, plays and interacts with its physicality and its sonic potential.