Night Star Dance Company

Night Star Dance Company is a cutting-edge contemporary dance company. It was set up in 2003 by its Artistic Director/Choreographer Ingrid Nachstern. Nachstern’s aim in creating pieces is to engage the audience member in re-evaluating his/her  world view. Ingrid Nachstern is of Anglo-Polish parentage and was educated at Trinity College Dublin. This film grew out of the theatre performance of my dance work of the same name.

The original idea came from reading of a man who,several years ago, went on a rampage killing several people in the North of England. Whilst he was driving from village to village, he stopped at the red lights en route to each one. This then got me thinking about the public/private self which each of us has. The dinner table represents a bourgeois-type dinner party which is played out alongside the diners descent into the ‘swamp’ from time to time -this is where they reveal their animal selves, relax and then come back to the table with their public mask on.

It is a light-hearted look at public/private behaviour.