Are you an Artist?

Are you an Artist? 2018-03-30T13:15:57+00:00

We understand that artists just want to get on with the business of creating. Our business is to promote your work to the wider world of the Irish diaspora and beyond.

Here you can create your portfolio and upload up to 4 pieces of work, together with your profile and all links, free of charge. Once the material has been approved for broadcast we’ll notify you so you can start sharing your page with the worldwide Irish family.   After that you can edit your portfolio at any stage during the year.

Our social campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram targets people in the US, UK, key European markets and Australia who have a declared interest in Irish arts and creativity.   See example below:

Throughout the year we also direct market to Irish communities and arts organisations worldwide to bring our artists to the widest possible audiences. Later in 2018 we’ll unveil TheSpark Arts Bursary, a fund to complete an outstanding piece of work by an Irish artist anywhere in the world, as judged by an international panel.

Meanwhile, stay inspired and keep creating.  And if you like what we’re doing, you might consider a one off small donation to help us keep the spark lit.

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