Musical sisterhood sums up Dublin based duet AMICA. Their musical adventure is a journey that visits electro-soul, dub and bass culture vibes. Veronica Vierin, aka DJ Dubble V, works a creative mix of sounds played out in combination with Aminah Dastan’s Lyrics..

Veronica became DJ Dubble V in the squats of Turin, Italy, in the late ‘90s. In 2002 she moved to Dublin and joined Babalonia, a collective of international DJs created by DJ Lex Woo, spinning tropical sounds across different venues in the city. In the past few years she collaborated with Groovalizacion, a web radio station and DJ crew, co-presenting a weekly live radio show alongside Groovalizacion’s DJ iZem. Dubble V’s sets are a mix of warm global sounds, from neo-soul, tropical and urban beats to dub vibrations and the latest electronic productions.

Aminah began singing as a child and in her adult life went on to co-produce her solo album ‘Caravan Trail’ at ImagineX studios in Malaysia in 2004. From there she moved to Dublin and collaborated with her producer brother Mr. Upfull in the New-roots reggae project ‘Madu’. Success with the song ‘Sunshine’ saw the siblings reach number 1 in the radio charts in Malaysia. She also co-wrote tunes with the likes of Rodrigo y Gabriela, taking in two tours with the Mexican maestros. In New Zealand she collaborated with member of Fat Freddy’s Drop Tehimana Kerr. Back in Ireland she worked with radio icon Donal Dineen and Niwel Tsumbu in the ‘Parish’ project, performing with Liam O’Moanli and a host of world class artists.