Aislinn O’Keeffe

Aislinn O’ Keeffe is a visual artist working in Limerick. She is a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design where she received an Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. In 2009, she graduated from the University of Limerick with a Masters in History of Art and Architecture. O’ Keeffe’s work looks to history to explore some of the roots of the subjugation of women. Through this exploration O’ Keeffe aims to uncover and understand the continued secondary position of women in contemporary Western society. Her recent exhibition ‘As if she had a right to be there’ which explores the role that Irish women played in the struggle for an independent Ireland, and the subsequent removal of this role from Irish history, was exhibited throughout 2016 during the Ireland 1916/2016 commemorations. O’ Keeffe has exhibited at Laois Arthouse, Ormston House and the Hunt Museum. Her work has also been published in The Ogham Stone Journal (2015) and in Bunny Magazine (Spring 2017). O’ Keeffe is currently in the research and development stage of a new project concerned with the European Witch Hunts.

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